Giant Food, Stop & Shop Agree To End Shared Merchandising Services

The merchandising transition from Quincy, MA to Landover, MD will completed in 12 months.

Amazon Sets Prime Day Sales Record; Other Retailers Enjoy Digital Promotional Success

Godzilla breaks online records for digital revenue with this year's Prime Day(s).

Rite Aid To Carry UNFI’s Wild Harvest Line; Independent Customers Unhappy

The Providence, RI-based distributor finds another reason to disappoint its retailers.

Overstoring Toll: Low Comps, More Struggles Despite Healthy Economy, Modest Inflation

Survival may be the new prosperity as retailers struggle to make sales gains.

For Most Mid-Atlantic Retailers, Survival Is The New Prosperity

Giant maintains Mid-Atlantic share lead; Walmart, Aldi make strides in overstored $48.5 billion market.

Another Kmart Reincarnated As A ShopRite

Garafalo ShopRite opens its sixth location and Campbell's ready to move forward with Bolthouse Farms sale.

UNFI’s New Org Chart Reveals Paucity Of SVU Execs; Retailers’ Concerns Not Abating

UNFI's new organizational structure overlooks legacy Supervalu executives for key leadership positions.

Jim Donald: We Hardly Knew Ye 

As Jim Donald steps down as Albertsons' CEO, he's placing a strong bet that Vivek Sankaran is the right man for the job.

Taking Stock

Jeff Metzger's analysis of the status of the UNFI-Supervalu merger, plus the rest of the news of the market.

Amazon Apparently Ready to Put On Big-Boy Pants for Bricks & Mortar Grocery Retailing

Reported plan to open dozens of stores comes at a time when many retailers are struggling in the overstored fray—and may be eager to sell.