Karns Market COVID-19 Update

* This is a living document that will be updated on a regular basis until it is no longer needed. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Karns Foods website.

March 19


Karns is temporarily updating our hours of operations starting Thursday.

These changes will allow the following:

1 – create a designated time for those that must venture out but are high-risk to shop in a less crowded environment


2 – allow additional time at the conclusion of the day to clean and sanitize

3 – provide additional time for our team members to restock the store

Thank you for your help as we join together to support one another.

**Wondering what age? The option is in place for those that feel they need extra space due to mobility, age and health issues. Karns is allowing individuals to decide if this hour is something that would benefit their health. We are a community and need to work together to provide the best environment possible. In this situation, that means trusting that those that utilize the time are