Linda Doherty is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Food Council, a policy advocacy organization representing the interests of retailers and suppliers. She can be reached at

Recently, the New Jersey Food Council sold 30 West Lafayette Street in Trenton and moved our offices to new headquarters near Trenton Thunder Stadium known as Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton. We will lease the new office space. We spent 36 years at 30 W. Lafayette Street and outgrew the location. The old building served us well as we have endured so many memories, activities and successes at that location. As we prepared for the move, we went through 50 years of boxes of old photos, mementos, files, event paraphernalia and various issue campaign materials. It has been a wonderful trip down memory lane that highlighted the overwhelming engagement and successes of your New Jersey Food Council.

While it has been a nostalgic month as we’ve gone through the moving process, we are excited for our new home as we settle into the new location. Now we will have room to host our committee meetings, invite legislators and policymakers to meet with members and grow into our new offices. The future of the operation is bright.

A special thank you to the NJFC Executive Committee and our leadership team who supported the sale of the building and the move to a more professional location and modernization of our communications systems.


And kudos to the NJFC team for packing boxes, hauling trash, and organizing offices without skipping a beat of handling member issues, successfully fighting against additional state Budget burdens, leading the NJFC Leadership group in Trenton and hosting our Educational Scholarship Awards Ceremony. What a great team we have to serve our membership!

Please make note of our new address: 429 Riverview Plaza, Trenton, New Jersey 08611. Our office and cell numbers, email addresses and social media platforms remain the same.

It is fitting that we conclude 2019 with the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of NJFC. We look forward to industry participation in what is expected to be a memorable and fun Reception and Reunion on December 5.