In a press release today, The Food Marketing Association introduced a new brand identity for itself. The American trade group for food marketing, food retailers, and wholesalers announced that in order to represent “a more inclusive and more vertically integrated supply chain,” it will now be known as FMI- The Food Industry Association.

“FMI provides the most productive forum for connecting and holding constructive dialogue across the food industry,” stated FMI resident and CEO Leslie Sarasin “Driven by consumer relevance, we are in the business of food, wherever it is bought, sold or produced, and we are well-positioned to represent everything in the shopping basket – and work closely with every participant in the marketplace.”

According to the release, with the rebranding, the organization will maintain its position in the following strategic areas:


Effectiveness on public policy
FMI plays a pivotal role in serving as the central voice of the food industry, leading the charge with legislative and regulatory bodies to bring attention and make progress on the issues that affect its members. FMI has a long track record of success, from affecting legislative bills to arguing for causes at the highest level, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Commitment to the issues that matter
FMI boldly tackles the issues that matter most to its members, helping illuminate today’s priorities and identify the next ones on the horizon. FMI employs thought leaders on mission-critical areas for the industry, such as food safety, and has the expertise and focus to serve as a go-to source for thinking, information and education.

A forum for high-impact industry dialogue
FMI has a long-standing, close relationship with senior executives at the leading food industry companies, as well as other industry associations, and provides a uniquely powerful forum for bringing the right industry participants together to share best practices, problem-solve and operationalize for results.


Dedication to consumer and operational insights
FMI is regarded as the foremost thought-leader in consumer and operations research. For decades, FMI has acknowledged and respected the role of the shopper. FMI envisions the future for both a physical and digital shelf where an omnichannel shopper will be the ultimate influencer in how the food industry does business.

FMI was first formed when the Super Market Institute and the National Association of Food Chains merged in 1977.