Kings Food Markets has partnered up with cybersecurity firm Deep Instinct to protect the retailer’s complex digital infrastructure and POS systems across more than 24 grocery locations across the United States. According to a press release from the cybersecurity company, they will provide Kings Food Markets with multiple layers of unparalleled protection, from the servers down to the registers, to detect and prevent known and unknown malware in real time, something that their former security systems simply couldn’t do.

Deep Instinct worked closely with Kings to develop a unique solution to keep shoppers’ credit card information and transactions safe. Once deployed in a test environment, the results showed that the servers running in a preventative state blocked malicious, java-based executable malware on all of Kings POS systems, which were previously missed by other security tools. The technology is location agnostic and leverages the power of deep learning’s predictive capabilities to obtain a much higher detection rate and a much lower false positive rate for new, previously unseen files, when compared with the best traditional machine learning solutions available.

“We know that the security threat landscape is constantly evolving, and we wanted a reliable solution to ensure customer data was protected every step of the way in the purchase process,” said Bruno Mariano, director of technical support and services at Kings Food Markets. “Deep Instinct checked all the right boxes and proved itself as the only technology capable of adapting to our unique environment, without disrupting our everyday business operations. The technology has surpassed our expectations, ensuring our customers remain safe and helped mitigate risks for attacks we might not even be aware of. We would recommend every retailer work with a deep learning-based model for cybersecurity if they want to protect their customers and safeguard their assets against attack.”


“Unknown malware can be often lie dormant on seemingly benign endpoints like registers, just waiting for its next victim. But unlike traditional security solutions, Deep Instinct’s technology can not only locate it and stop it, it can prevent the malware from ever inflicting any damage,” said Guy Caspi, CEO at Deep Instinct. “Our innovative approach to cybersecurity is highly relevant to Kings and the retail industry overall to best protect the customer. We prevent what others can’t find. And as the pace of attacks gets faster, ours is the only solution capable of keeping up.”